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‘Love Is The Way’ is the new album from Eddi Reader on Rough Trade Records. Since the early 80s Eddi has helped to define the landscape in which folk artists and singer-songwriters navigate. Her incomparable voice and positive outlook have been a much loved fixture in the British music scene since her band, Fairground Attraction, hit the charts with the song "Perfect" in 1988. After Fairground Attraction's breakup, Reader ventured on with a solo career, to the delight of both fans and critics, most recently with her release ‘The Songs Of Robert Burns’.

An avowed fan of the timeless classics from such varied artists as Van Morrison, Aretha Franklin, Scott Walker and Curtis Mayfield, Eddi’s aim is to communicate a similar feeling of intimacy and honesty with her music. “I love the way when you’re listening to a Willie Nelson record, you just feel like you’re in the room with the performer and the musicians - you feel like you’re in company…”

With ‘Love Is The Way’ she continues to fly the flag for folk and traditional music. “I have a passionate love of instinctive, beautiful songs as well as a slightly insane attachment to romantic chord structures,” explains Eddi. “Words that speak of some universal humanist truth, that can be 'thrown away' with no regrets.”

The intimate recording process was facilitated by engineer Mark Freegards in his little studio in Glasgow above the Glasgow to Helensburgh train line. The recording sessions were originally meant to be extra tracks for a ‘Best Of Eddi Reader..’ record, but Eddi was so taken with the results they were achieving that they decided to scrap the Best Of idea and “Love Is The Way” was born.

“The studio has lots of windows that let in light and the noise of Argyle Street, never mind the train that kept on coming under the floor,” says Eddi. “We recorded sessions with the live band, Mark was so positive, excited even. Boo had a couple of new songs I wanted to try and I remembered Jack Maher from Sharon Shannons band had a beautiful tune, so I called him up and got him to come over from Dublin. I had a few others that might sound good so I had sent little demos of the songs to everyone. Boo and John and Jack taught the chords to each other and we set sail.”

“My one ambition with this record is the hope that whoever hears it will use it as I have used it, to soundtrack life a little bit. To dance with bare feet, singing along with me. And - If you listen carefully you will hear the Helensburgh train. Always came in on time.”
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