Howler is the brainchild of Jordan Gatesmith.  The 19 year old picked up the guitar only 5 years ago, and learned quickly.  After being the guitarist for several regionally successful projects, Jordan felt like it was time for his voice to be heard, and wanted to write and sing his own songs.  He has always had a natural affinity towards early 60’s American rock and pop songs, as well as 80’s Punk; he makes these influences his own.  
Jordan claims to be terribly A.D.D. and needs to be working all the time. Fortunately for music fans he is not medicated for it, so he is constantly creating.  After starting a new band each week for about 2 months straight Howler became the clear standout, and he now offers up the This One’s Different E.P.  Jordan describes Howler as "an 80’s punk band cleaned up just enough so you could stick a corsage on it and take it to prom."  His vocals sound like a slightly twee Lux Interior, while his guitar skills remind one of Lou Reed on Transformer.  Howler’s overall sound can be described as a cross between the Cramps and the Replacements, with a dash of VU.
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