jennylee aka Jenny Lee Lindberg, is the bass player of Warpaint and first band member to release a solo album. right on! will be released by Rough Trade Records on December 11th, 2015.

Co-produced by jennylee and Norm Block, the 10 songs on right on! were all written by jennylee, and recorded earlier this spring at Happy Ending Studios in Silverlake, CA.

Taking the helm at bass, jennylee enlists Norm Block (Plexi, The Gutter Twins) and Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa on drums and Dan Elkan (Them Hills, Hella) on guitar. Additional players include Tony Bevilacqua (Spinnerette), Jonathan Hishcke (Broken Bells, Hella), and Kirk Hellie (Atticus Ross).

While right on! retains some of Jenny’s signature Warpaint groove, she incorporates New Wave and Goth elements into her solo work. Her breathy voice and her meticulous bass playing create a new aura that is that is hazy and dreamy, and essentially all jennylee.

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