Mystic Chords Of Memory

Mystic Chords Of Memory, which features Christopher Gunst of California’s psychedelic country angels The Beachwood Sparks and his partner Jen Cohen of The Aislers Set, developed naturally during 2003. As The Beachwood Sparks finished their final tour after two sublime albums for Sub Pop, the couple moved to Santa Cruz, put music on the back-burner, and focused on their studies. Without a specific project to drive their musical output, they began laying down ideas on their home-recording equipment, and piecing together lyrics that might tell whatever story they felt the melodies evoked. This unforced approach led to their official formation as Mystic Chords Of Memory and a debut album in 2004 for Rough Trade. Their sound conjures up homespun jewels of fragmented, gentle pop with shards of Americana sliding alongside passages of psychedelia and pockets of impossibly intimate folksiness, all imbued with a timeless and personal touch.
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