The Tyde

The Tyde may share three bandmembers -- Chris Gunst, Dave Scher, and Brent Rademaker -- with modern L.A. canyon rock band Beachwood Sparks, but where the latter sounds like what a cryogenically frozen Buffalo Springfield circa 1967 might sound like if they were thawed out today, the Tyde have drawn comparisons to a wider range of bands, many of them British in origin, including '80s and early-'90s bands like Felt and Lloyd Cole and the Commotions (lead vocalist/guitarist Darren Rademaker's dusky, laconic vocals do sound a bit like Cole's romantically throaty warble). The Tyde formed in 1998, a year after the breakup of Darren and Brent Rademaker's previous band, Further, a formidable L.A.-based outfit that was influenced by U.K. shoegaze acts (especially those on the Creation label) as well as fellow indie rockers like Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Sebadoh, and Guided by Voices. Filling out the lineup is guitarist Ben Knight and Ann Do, whose tottering Olivia Tremor Control-meets-"Interstellar Overdrive" organ riffs coalesce with Farmer Dave Scherr's lap steel to create a sound that, while derivative, was at the foreground of a burgeoning new movement simultaneously based in both L.A. and London. Their debut, Once, was released in March 2001. A sophomore effort, Twice, appeared two years later, followed by Three's Co. in June 2006.
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