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Adam Green

Adam Green is a special guy indeed. He was already making great music (with such titles as “Who’s got the Crack”) at the age of 14 as one half of the anti folk phenomena The Moldy Peaches. He’s since proved himself a prolific solo artist with five albums and counting under his belt. The music has grown with the man and over time we’ve listened to him soak up and introduce influences as far ranging as Nashville honky tonk, Chinese food, Al Green, Sly & the Family Stone, Don Cherry, Dr John and of course bagels. This is the sound of an artist absorbing everything around him and then sonically sharing his world with the listener, if we could, we’d all move there tomorrow.

  1. RT-194

    Adam Green

    • Released 22nd February 2005
  2. RT-107

    Adam Green
    Friends Of Mine

    • Released 22nd July 2003