A.R.E. Weapons A.R.E. Weapons

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Released 01 Apr. 2003
1. Don't Be Scared
2. Strange Dust
3. Changes
4. A.R.E.
5. Fuck You Pay Me
6. Headbanger Face
7. Bad News
8. Black Mercedes
9. Street Gang
10. Hey World


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The fierce New York rockers who make up A.R.E. Weapons bludgeon one with the sounds of the underbelly of their city throughout their debut. The trio creates a stark, feverish aural assaults with snatches of rock, hip-hop, punkish oaths, and scolding lyrics bellowed over heart-mimicking dance hall beats. A.R.E. Weapons pick up where Lou Reed's walk on the wild side left off in the '70s, but deliver their music with more grit and aggression; think Suicide forced through a rusty blender. This is art rock at its nadir and it sounds just like the future.