The Veils The Runaway Found

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Released 10 Apr. 2004
1. The Wild Son
2. Guiding Light
3. Lavinia
4. More Heat Than Light
5. The Tide That Left And Never Came Back
6. The Leavers Dance
7. Talk Down The Girl
8. The Valleys Of New Orleans
9. Vicious Traditions
10. The Nowhere Man


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The Runaway Found is an arrestingly epic and assured debut, unmistakably like the work of a young band who instinctively understand that the only stakes worth playing for are the stars or bust. The Veils aspire, unashamedly, to the company of a peer group including the Verve, Radiohead, Coldplay and Muse: this is big, sweeping, serious music made by men who nigh certainly wear long black overcoats in the middle of summer.
The good news is that the Veils appear to possess the ability to match their aspirations. The best tracks on The Runaway Found--the fragile, Smiths-like opener "The Wild Son" and the faintly Blue Nile-ish "Lavinia"--display a rare knack for melody and arrangement, and singer Finn Andrews has been blessed with an odd but startlingly expressive voice, approximately equal parts Jeff Buckley and Ian McCulloch.