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  1. City & Eastern Songs

    City & Eastern Songs

    by Jeffrey Lewis

    Anti folk hero Jeffrey Lewis and his younger brother Jack team up for City and Eastern Songs, featuring 12 tracks of beautifully constructed, off kilter, folk based tunes with Lewis' trademark husky almost off tune vocal style and mellow strummed acoustic guitars, Jack adds some pastoral elements to the songs with violins and strings. Includes a... Learn More
  2. RT-235

    Nux Vomica

    by The Veils

    "It looks an ugly world out there" moans Veils leader Finn Andrews as the New Zealand quintet opens their sophomore album Nux Vomica, and the outlook doesn't get much sunnier as the veil is lifted to reveal eleven theatrical and contradictory tracks. Nux Vomica is the Latin name for a poison tree of South East Asia, source of deadly strychnine, ... Learn More
  3. RT-228

    Give Blood

    by The Brakes

    Give Blood is the debut record from UK madcaps, Brakes. Consisting of one part British Sea Power (Eamon Hamilton), two parts Electric Soft Parade (Tom White and Alex White), and one part Tenderfoot (Marc Beatty), Brakes is a heroic endeavor, alive with a vigorous musical heartbeat. Give Blood is born of robust comradery and just enough magnetic ... Learn More
  4. RT-217

    Yr Atal Genhedlaeth

    by Gruff Rhys

    First solo release from Super Furry Animals’ lead singer, Gruff Rhys, sung entirely in Welsh. Learn More
  5. RT-211


    by The Fiery Furnaces

    There isn't a band in the world that sounds like the Fiery Furnaces. They're folk, blues, music hall, new wave, and indie rock rolled into one two-person package. EP is a suitably diverse overview of Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger's odd, yet appealing musical career and includes most of the singles and B-sides they've released to date, resulti... Learn More
  6. RT-200

    Open Season

    by British Sea Power

    Over the course of the past two years, the world has been tumultuous, stormy and torrent. Amongst the menace and the madness, there are individuals fighting to bring a sense of tranquility to their fellow man, by whatever means serves them best. British Sea Power emerged from out of a mighty empire capturing a sense of urgency, of the chaos buil... Learn More
  7. RT-194


    by Adam Green

    With a style that steps closer to the likes of Bacharach and Brel with each release, Adam Green has created Gemstones, his third solo record, combining his singular songwriting vision and plaintive, almost-angelic tenor with elegant melodies and playful art-pop arrangements. Gemstones is an album whose songs transcend indie rock in favor of more... Learn More
  8. RT-188


    by Scritti Politti

    Scritti Politti appear here in their classic post-punk bass/drums/guitar trio, and the music being
    made is relentlessly sublime. Early collects the entire Rough Trade single and EP discography 1978-81 from
    the debut Skank Bloc Bologna EP, 2nd Peel Session, Pre-LangueEP through to the lovers soul
    breakthrough of The Sweete... Learn More
  9. RT-185

    Fisherman’s Woman

    by Emiliana Torrini

    Originally released in 2005 and long out of print, we are proud to announce the vinyl re-issue of Emiliana Torrini’s classic album and first for Rough Trade, 'Fisherman's Woman’, out on 1st September.The brains behind the Oscar Award-winning "Gollum's Song" from Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers and Kylie Minogue's smash hit "Slow," ... Learn More

Items 46 to 54 of 55 total

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