Micachu and The Shapes Chopped & Screwed (Limited Edition)

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Released 19 Apr. 2011
1. State Of N.Y.
2. Unlucky
3. Everything
4. Average
5. Freaks
6. Medicine
7. Low Dogg
8. Fall
9. Not So Sure


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Limited edition LP includes album download voucher with bonus mixtape tracks hosted by Brother May.

Chopped & Screwed is the collaboration between London based musician Mica Levi aka Micachu and the London Sinfonietta Orchestra. Following critical acclaim for Micachu and the Shapes's debut album Jewellery, the collaboration came about as the Sinfonietta had picked up on the fact that Mica is a trained classical composer who was interested in experimenting with new forms, and was someone whose ideas would meld well with the avant-garde philosophy of the Sinfonietta itself. The sound blends the organic,the digital and the analogue with instruments such as homemade guitars and a vacuum cleaner.
Chopped & Screwed was recorded live at King's Place on May 10, 2010 a recently built and specially designed venue, treated to showcase the best in classical and acoustic music in London.

The concept behind the album was inspired by the popular “chopping and screwing” technique in hip-hop which was developed in Houston in the 1990s. The technique involves halving tempo, skipping beats and affecting portions of the original music. The approach was thought to have been developed by DJ Screw and largely influenced by Purple Drank, a codeine-based cough syrup which creates the effect of slowing down the brain, giving mellow music its appeal.