Jeffrey Lewis City & Eastern Songs

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Released 24 Oct. 2005
1. Posters
2. Don't Be Upset
3. Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror
4. Something Good
5. The Singing Tree
6. Anxiety Attack
7. Time Machine
8. Moving
9. Art Land
10. New Old Friends
11. They Always Knew
12. Had It All

City & Eastern Songs

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Anti folk hero Jeffrey Lewis and his younger brother Jack team up for City and Eastern Songs, featuring 12 tracks of beautifully constructed, off kilter, folk based tunes with Lewis' trademark husky almost off tune vocal style and mellow strummed acoustic guitars, Jack adds some pastoral elements to the songs with violins and strings. Includes a foldout sleeve with full lyrics and cartoons. 2005. (Editors note: this album is SLAMMING, and includes my personal favorite track "Posters").