The Unthanks Here's The Tender Coming

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Released 23 Mar. 2010
1. Because He Was A Bonny Lad
2. Sad February
3. Annachie Gordon
4. Lucky Gilchrist
5. The Testimony Of Patience Kershaw
6. Living By The Water
7. Where've Yer Bin Dick?
8. Nobody Knew She Was There
9. Flowers Of The Town
10. Not Much Luck In Our House
11. At First She Starts
12. Here's The Tender Coming
13. Betsy Bell


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It's hard to imagine a British folk outfit with fans like Radiohead, Portishead, Robert Wyatt, Ben Folds, Ewan McGregor and Nick Hornby, but The Unthanks occupy a unique place in music. Influenced as much by the minimalist eccentricity of Steve Reich, Antony & The Johnsons, Robert Wyatt and Miles Davis, as they are by the traditional music of the North East of England where sisters Rachel and Becky Unthank grew up, back home The Unthanks have established themselves as the most innovative and critically acclaimed folk band in modern history. Formerly known as Rachel Unthank & The Winterset, their second album The Bairns (2007), nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, was recently the only British folk album to appear in The Best Albums of the Decade in both Uncut magazine and The Observer (The Guardian on Sunday).