Eddi Reader Love Is The Way

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Released 21 Apr. 2009
1. Dragonflies
2. Silent Bells
3. New York City
4. Dandelion
5. Love Is The Way
6. Sweet Mountain Of Love
7. Never Going Back Again (Queen Of Scots)
8. Over It Now
9. Fallen Twice
10. It's Magic
11. Roses
12. My Shining Star
13. I Won't Stand In Your Way


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2009 release from the Scottish singer/songwriter and former vocalist with Fairground Attraction. Since the early 1980s, Eddi Reader has helped to define the landscape in which Folk artists and singer/songwriters navigate. With Love Is The Way, Eddi continues to fly the flag for Folk and traditional music. The intimate recording process was facilitated by engineer Mark Freegard in his little studio in Glasgow, above the Glasgow-to-Helensburgh trainline. The recording sessions were originally earmarked as extra tracks fo a Best Of Eddi Reader release, but Eddi was so taken with the results that the decision was made to scrap the Best Of and proceed with a completely new record.