Jeffrey Lewis Em Are I

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Released 19 May. 2009
1. Slogans
2. Roll Bus Roll
3. If Life Exists (?)
4. Broken Broken Broken Heart
5. Whistle Past The Graveyard
6. To Be Objectified
7. The Upside-down Cross
8. Bugs & Flowers
9. Good Old Pig, Gone To Avalon
10. It's Not Impossible
11. Mini-Theme: Moocher From The Future


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Part folkie, part indie-rocker, part comic book artist - how does indigenous New Yorker Jeffrey Lewis do it? After a 2008 spent mostly on the road, including support tours with Jarvis Cocker, The Cribs, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, The Mountain Goats, and more, with artistic and literary projects all over the map, and with his recent album of anarcho-punk covers "12 Crass Songs" still making waves (4 stars in Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Mojo, Uncut, and more), Jeffrey has somehow managed to find the time to record his best album yet. "'Em Are I" is an eleven-song production that seems to reflect a love of the last forty years of popular music, all filtered through Jeff's unmistakable idiosyncratic muse. J Mascis even makes a lead guitar cameo. Vinyl includes an MP3 coupon.