The Fiery Furnaces EP

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Released 11 Jan. 2005
1. Single Again
2. Here Comes The Summer
3. Evergreen
4. Sing For Me
5. Tropical Ice-land
6. Duffer St. George
7. Smelling Cigarettes
8. Cousin Chris
9. Sweet Spots
10. Sullivan's Social Slub


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There isn't a band in the world that sounds like the Fiery Furnaces. They're folk, blues, music hall, new wave, and indie rock rolled into one two-person package. EP is a suitably diverse overview of Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger's odd, yet appealing musical career and includes most of the singles and B-sides they've released to date, resulting in a generous 10-track, 41-minute collection. Highlights include the single version of "Tropical-Iceland," issued in support of their stunning debut, Gallowsbird's Bark, and non-album track "Single Again," issued prior to more-difficult second album, Blueberry Boat (and "difficult" isn't meant derisively--loving the Furnaces isn't always easy, but it's worth the effort). The surprisingly lush "Sing For Me," featuring Matthew on a rare lead vocal, is yet another highlight. As befits their unique nature, EP isn't really an EP and is recommended as much to the curious as to the duo’s most devoted fans.