Micachu and The Shapes Good Sad Happy Bad

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Released 11 Sep. 2015

Good Sad Happy Bad

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Limited edition white vinyl available exclusively from the Rough Trade webstore, includes MP3 download.

Micachu & The Shapes’ return, three years after the release of their last record, is almost an accident: the trio of friends decided to rehearse in an East London studio, and found themselves immersed into an hours-long jam, which drummer Marc Pell surreptitiously recorded.

The band were so enamored of those off-the-cuff audio experiments that they became the underpinnings of a new record; with one listen, it’s easy to hear why. ‘Good Sad Happy Bad’ maintains the avant-pop sensibility the band has brought to previous efforts, combining the lightness and bounce of their best singles with the sonic textures of field recordings, industrial effects alongside straightforward instrumentation.

The record’s irrepressible energy, across both the upbeat and a handful of sadder songs, seems to be a direct result of the live recording process. Explained Mica Levi, “For me, it's the most free we have been."