The Strange Boys Live Music

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Released 25 Oct. 2011
1. Me and You
2. Walking Two By Two
3. Doueh
4. Punk's Pajamas
5. You And Me
6. Omnia Boa
7. Mama Shelter
8. Saddest
9. My Life Beats Me
10. Over the River and Through the Woulds
11. Right Before
12. Hidden Meanings, Soul Graffiti
13. You Take Everything For Granite When You're Stone
14. Opus

Live Music

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Live Music (as in, living the music) is Austin, Texas’s The Strange Boys’ third album, after The Strange Boys and Girls Club (2008), and Be Brave (2010). Live Music was recorded in April 2011 at the Austin home studio of Spoon drummer Jim Eno, who produced the fourteen track album.
The band features brothers Ryan Sambol (vocals, guitar, harmonica) and Phillip Sambol (bass), Greg Enlow (guitarist) and Mike La Franchi (drums).
The Strange Boys continue to tour and live music wherever they happen to be.
“Authentically troubled blues for the modern age” - Geoff Travis.