Skydiving onto the library roof / Everything for everyone

Release Date 25 Jun. 2021
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Skydiving onto the library roof - 12"

Limited Edition 12" shipping to arrive around June 25, 2021

caroline is an eight piece, based in London. Started by Jasper Llewellyn, Mike O'Malley, Casper Hughes in early 2017, initially evolving out of week- ly improvisation sessions. Bringing together shared influences in, and ex- periences of playing, midwestern ‘emo’ guitar music, Appalachian folk, and minimalist classical, the group spent a year and a half playing privately, without a project name.

With a sound grounded equally in fluid, machine-like synchronizations as well as abrasive, cutting juxtapositions, caroline feel like they are trying to achieve some sort of collective joyousness. Their second single for Rough Trade Records, a limited edition 12” single features ‘Skydiving onto the library roof’ backed with ‘Everything for everyone’ and is released on June 25th 2021. 

A: Skydiving onto the library roof 

B: Everything for everyone