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To get in touch with Rough Trade Records US webstore, please email [email protected]

Download Information

How do I download the mp3s once I've purchased them?

Just log in to your Store account (via the handy "my accnt" button in the menu) and you'll find the mp3s available under "My Downloads."

Why isn't every catalog item available as digital downloads?

Our plan is to eventually make our available catalog available for sale as downloads. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

What is the quality of the files?

The downloads are MP3 format at 320kbps. These downloads are virtually indistinguishable from CD-quality audio and we think offer the best audio quality vs download time.

The "Listen" links don't sound CD-quality - is this the same as what I'm buying?

The streaming samples you hear when you click "Listen" or when you listen to a a playlist are of lower quality than the purchased, full MP3s. Encoding the samples at a lower bitrate allows you to hear the song samples faster with less time waiting for the files to load.

Can I get my files any time?

Yes. You can collect your files immediately after completing the checkout process by following the link to the download area, or you can use the link in the email we send you to access the download area at another time. However it is possible that at times of very heavy demand or in case of exceptional technical problems you may be requested NOT to collect your file(s) immediately.

My files don't play properly, or don't play to the end. What do I do?

Keep trying! If you didn't experience any error messages during download, then your files should be fine, and any playback problems will be to do with your own player. Check the file size on your player, and compare them with the file sizes given on the website. If they match, then the songs have downloaded properly and there is probably a problem with your player. If you still have problems, contact us and we will try to help you.

Can I download multiple copies of my purchased songs?

You can download a second copy of the files to a second computer/storage device OF YOURS. We guarantee that a second copy will be available to you for up to thirty days after the date of purchase.

Will these downloads work with my iPod?

Yes - we use the MP3 format which is compatible with the iPod as well as just about every portable digital music player that we can imagine.

Why are some tracks not available to buy individually?

A small number of tracks can only be bought as part of a whole album or single, and cannot be bought individually. This is because they are either very short or very long. In the case of very short tracks we don't believe it is fair to sell them for the full price of an individual track. In the case of very long tracks (duration of longer than 10 minutes) the relatively low price of an individual track is not in fair proportion to the length of the track. If you download these longer tracks as part of an album then the cost per track should not exceed $0.99.

Is downloading this music legal?

Yes. Unlike downloading mp3s from Peer-to-Peer networks, all tracks sold through this website are 100% legal and the artists and songwriters receive royalties for every sale, by buying from us you are helping to support the artists and songwriters.

How long does it take to download a track?

Downloading the average MP3 on a broadband connection should take you less than 1 minute. If you are on a dial-up connection, expect this download to take a few minutes.

Shipping Information

Delivery time

When we have the items that make up your order in stock, it is dispatched quickly, usually within one to two business days.

Sending The Order

As you browse or search the site, add the items you want to the shopping basket. When you are ready to buy, press the checkout button, and then fill in the order form with your full name, email address, street address, and credit card details. You will receive an order confirmation once your order has been accepted, and can expect your order to ship on the business day following the day your order was placed. In the case of orders with multiple items, the order will be shipped when all items are available. So if you preorder one album, and order another currently available album as well, the order won't be shipped until the preordered album becomes available.


If you want to cancel your order, please tell us as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee always to be able to cancel items from an order - if your order has already been sent out, we won't be able stop it. This means that, generally, the only chance to cancel arises when we are waiting for products that are out of stock. Cancellation requests must be sent by email, quoting your order number, to [email protected]

Shipping Information

You can select from a variety of shipping and delivery methods and check their prices using the postage calculator in your shopping basket. All USPS delivery times are estimates and are not guaranteed or

You can also choose to give us a third party delivery address, so you can send your order as a gift.

Please note: If you're shipping in the US make sure you don't give us a PO Box address, as these deliveries will not be possible with UPS.


All items are guaranteed to be brand new and they should reach you in perfect condition. CD cases do occasionally get cracked in the post, and we will send replacements if this happens. We will only replace items that are defective, or sent in error.

This is subject to the buyer notifying the company within five working days of receipt of the goods and giving a description of the damage / defect. Do not send anything back without our permission. Please report faulty items by email to Rough Trade mail order ([email protected]) - we will send you return instructions.

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This web store is run by Matador Direct who is owned by Matador Records and The Beggars Group.

We want to look after all data fairly and securely. Any information you give us about yourself will be stored by us and may be disclosed to, processed and used by ourselves, or Easy Pay (a division of Chase Merchant Services) who assist us in providing services to you. e.g. we may use the information to confirm identity or credit details, for fraud prevention procedures, money laundering checks, audit confirmations or debt collection procedures. This may involve transferring your data to countries outside the United States economic area. Beggars Group USA or Easy Pay may use and analyze your data to give you information about products and services which may be of interest to you.

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Terms and Conditions


Prices quoted on this web store are subject to change over time, although once the item has been placed into your shopping cart, the price will not change.


We only sell brand new CDs, LPs, DVDs and videos, not used items. Most items we carry in stock and can be dispatched quickly. Items which are not in the building when we receive your order can take up to 10 days to be ready for dispatch.

Secure Web Order & Credit Card

We can accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express cards for payment as well as Paypal. Your card is debited at point of purchase, if you cancel before the item is shipped your card will be refunded.

Credit card fraud attempts will be reported to the authorities.

When entering credit card details take GREAT care that they are correct as this is the most common cause of delays. The credit card number is the long number across the middle of the card (NOT the "Card No." sometimes printed at the bottom) and it should contain no letters. Enter the expiry date (NOT the valid from date). Switch users must also include the issue number.

Thanks for shopping with us!