Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker The Birds EP

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Released 13 Oct. 2017

The Birds EP

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‘The Birds’ is a suite of six songs that explore the themes of migration and departure. These are songs of autumn and shorter days, of flying south and the first feelings of early winter. It is deliberately dark and melancholic and ever so slightly sinister in places. In contrast to the full band-sound so exquisitely captured on their 2016 album ‘Overnight’, Josienne and Ben chose to record in a minimalist way using only instruments that they could play in Ben’s basement home studio. It also allowed Ben the opportunity to experiment with Moog and drum machine rendering the songs with a subtle electronic texture.

Release Date: 13th October

Track listing
1. The Birds
2. Little Sparrow
3. Darkling Bird
4. Crows
5. The Cuckoo
6. Fly South