The Tyde Twice

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Released 17 Jun. 2003
1. A Loner
2. Henry VIII
3. Go Ask Yer Dad
4. Best Intentions
5. Crystal Canyons
6. Takes A Lot Of Tryin'
7. Memorable Moments
8. Blood Brothers
9. Shortbread City
10. Breaking Up The Band
11. New D


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Strange on paper maybe but an open-topped car stereo's dream, 'Twice' is the sound of West Coast American surfer kids obsessed with 80's English guitar pop. The summer pop album of 2003, 'Twice' sees LA's The Tyde - Darren Rademaker (vocals, guitar), Ann Do (keyboards), Benjamin Knight (guitar), Ric Menck (drums), Brent Rademaker (bass) - marry the crystalline romanticism of early Cherry Red bands like Felt & Fantastic Something with shimmering cross-harmonized Byrdsian-guitars. 'Twice' was recorded at Visionquest Studios by Robert Campanella with additional help from Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre) & Hunter Crowley (Warlocks). Includes the single 'Go Ask Yer Dad' & 'Blood Brothers' from the EP of the same name.