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  1. RT-503

    East Of Eden

    by Taken By Trees

    Victoria Bergsman wanted to travel to record in a mysterious, relatively uncharted area avoiding the usual clinical studio experience, which she has always disliked and found to be an uncreative environment. She chose Pakistan. The rhythm, drums and flutes of Pakistani music had long captivated Victoria and this, coupled with a deep admiration f... Learn More
  2. RT-580

    The Fool

    by Warpaint

    LPs contain coupon for a download of MP3s of the entire album

    Warpaint weave intricate guitar lines, hypnotic vocals and driving post punk rhythms into gorgeous, sparwling songs that skirt the line between psychedelia and intimacy. Both live and on record, Warpaint sound like they're channelling something truly otherworldly, mysti... Learn More

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