Sleaford Mods All That Glue

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Released 15 May. 2020

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All That Glue

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 Following their January announcement that they are returning to America for the first time in three years, England's Sleaford Mods are set to continue their onslaught into 2020 with the release of All That Glue, a collection of songs spanning the last seven years of the band's career. The album features an array of crowd pleasers, B sides, unheard tracks and rarities for fans and the curious. Over the past few years Sleaford Mods have become one of the most intractable British pop stories. Their music is drawn at a flawless fault-line of anger, tenderness and humor, a triumvirate of raw energy. On record you can hear their sinews, live you can touch their veins.
01) McFlurry
02) Snake It
03) Fizzy
04) Rich List
05) Jobseeker
06) Jolly Fucker
07) Routine Dean
08) Tied Up In Nottz
09) Big Dream
10) Blog Maggot
11) Tweet Tweet Tweet
12) Tarantula Deadly Cargo
13) Fat Tax
14) Slow One’s Bothered
15) Revenue
16) Rochester
17) TCR
18) Reef of Grief
19) B.H.S.
20) Second
21) OBCT
22) When You Come Up To Me