Emiliana Torrini

Emiliana’s charm is legendary around these parts, and not just because she once bought us one the of finest cakes we’ve ever seen, (and we’ve eaten some serious cakes) but for being one of the warmest, most effervescent and kindly people you could ever hope to meet. Though perhaps the most endearing thing about Emilinana is her ambitious approach to music that sees her producing feel-good summer time hits along side one-note murder ballads all with equal success. Her irresistible enthusiasm for life is evident on the song, Big Jumps, where she asks, ‘Are you afraid to break some bones?’ its playful music like this that prevents us all from dying of boredom. At the other end of her truly kalediscopic spectrum, Emiliana can create the kind of intimate and atmospheric songs that can whisper their way into your bloodstream and save you from loneliness.