black midi

Enigmatic London four-piece black midi formed just over a year ago. Since then they have quickly cemented their reputation as the hottest new underground band in the country, following a string of sold-out live dates - including Electrowerkz and Bloc in London - and surprise shows punctuated by constantly shifting sets and blistering musicianship. Until the release of their debut single ‘bmbmbm’ on Carey's label, Speedy Wunderground, the band only existed in live form, making their name initially at Brixton’s Windmill venue and recording a frenetic session for Queen Kong’s NTS Radio show.
  1. Cavalcade
    black midi

    Starting at $11.99

  2. John L / Despair
    black midi
    John L / Despair

    Starting at $8.99

  3. Schlagenheim
    black midi

    Starting at $7.49

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