Lankum The Livelong Day

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Released 25 Oct. 2019

The Livelong Day

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Physical orders come with an Exclusive Signed Print and a ’Stories Of The Songs' fanzine written by the band, featuring exclusive behind the scenes photos and detailed histories of a selection of songs from the album.

Lankum honour the sacredness of traditional Irish tunes, but allow them to metamorphose, to grow and breathe like the heavy, ancient breath of the Uilleann pipes which seethe beneath the tracks of their third studio album (and second with Rough Trade). “Drone is a big part of traditional music because the Uilleann pipes are indigenous to Ireland, so we’re ramping up that history and taking it as far as we can.”

This is the idea found at the core of the universe created in The Livelong Day; expanding and emboldening that which is already playing out in history. Alongside the traditional songs on the record, there are two originals, the haunting ‘Young People’ and the tragic beauty of ‘Hunting The Wren’.

* Print will be CD sized for CD orders, and LP sized for LP orders.